Drawing Balm
Drawing Balm
Drawing Balm

Drawing Balm

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Have you ever had a splinter that you couldn’t get out? How about a thorn or some unknown object in your hand? You know it’s there but you just can’t see it to get it out. How about a pimple or boil that just won’t come to head?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you need Drawing Balm. It’s a simple fix to solve any of the above issues. I apply a small amount of drawing balm to the pad of a bandage and then apply over the problem area. Cover with bandage and leave on for 6-12 hours. I tend to do this before bedtime. When you remove the bandage wash with soap and water and your problem should be solved. If not, just repeat until the problem area is gone.



ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - Activated Charcoal helps detoxify skin by drawing out impurities. It's like a magnet for excess oil and debris in your skin.

LAVENDER & TEA TREE OIL - Both lavender & tea tree oils are natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and relaxing agents. Both these oils should be used topically only.



Weight: 1.25 oz

Size: 2” tin with lid

Ingredients: Olive Oil infused with lavender and calendula. Beeswax, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, lavender and tea tree essential oils.